The Health Zoc Autumn Cleanse


    The 21-Day Cleanse that reduces inflammation and allows you to release weight, naturally.


    Program includes:

    21 Day Meal Plan

    Entire shopping list and recipes for the 21 days

    Your own workbook to guide you through the cleanse

    27-Page Autumn Cleanse Guidebook

    Toxin Elimination E-Book


    The Autumn Cleanse will help you to understand your ‘why’ within your health goals, understand the nutrition behind your food choices and enable you to confidently take away the knowledge that you need to best support your body and reach your health goals!


    I want you to experience balanced blood sugar levels with fewer cravings and develop a mindset which supports and respects your body. You will learn how to build habits that help you achieve your health goals and make sustainable changes!


    The Autumn Cleanse provides you with a 21 day meal plan and full grocery lists as well as all your recipes and meals for the duration of the cleanse.


    You will be given over 30 recipes all of which are delicious, easy to follow and satisfying!


    The Autumn Cleanse also provides a 27 page guidebook designed to give you the basic knowledge upon which to build a strong foundation for your health and achieve a natural state of radiance, energy, and balance. You will be able to use this guidebook again and again as you deepen your understanding of your own needs for optimum wellness.


    You also have full access to the daily protocol guide which talks you through how to fully optimise the cleanse step by step and my favourite part of the cleanse is the Toxin Elimination E-Book which provides all the tools you need to support you alongside the meal plan, recipes and guidebook!

    Finally, you will have your own workbook to work through during the cleanse, noting down any feelings and changes you notice before and after the cleanse.


    I know how frustrating it is to go on a diet and be hungry or limited to only juices or chalky smoothies. I’m going to show you a whole new way to think about food and your body with delicious recipes that will satisfy your taste buds.


    This 21-Day Cleanse program isn’t about starving your body, fasting, juicing, eating strange food combinations, or taking lots of supplements.


    You CAN break free from the cycle of endless dieting. Transform the way you look and think about food. And when you get dressed in the morning, you will radiate beauty, from the inside out.



    'I found a way out of the diet madness through Holly’s cleanse program that reduced inflammation, excess weight, bloating AND gave me tons of energy! It set me up with the tools I needed and changed my relationship with my body and my lifestyle! The Guidebook is still my go-to for advice!’ - Rebecca



    Please Note: All information and materials contained in The Autumn Cleanse is copyrighted and belongs to The Health Zoc.





    1. How will this program help me to lose weight? The Autumn Cleanse will provide you with my expert guidance on the tools you need to stabilise your blood sugar levels, balance your hunger levels and experience fewer cravings as well as build habits that help you lose weight in a sustainable way so that it stays off.


    2. Why is this cleanse different from any other online program? This cleanse gives you all the explanations you need to understand why your body reacts in a certain way to certain types of foods, it's a cleanse you can come back to time and time again for reference and is not a fad diet in any way! This cleanse is about teaching YOU the tools that you can take through life with you for sustained health, wellness and to feel your absolute best! 


    3. How long do I have access to the cleanse for? Once you have purchased and downloaded the cleanse, it is yours to keep forever! The whole Autumn Cleanse program including the PDF toolkits ; the Toxin Elimination E-Book, Guidebook, Workbook, Protocols, Meal Plans and Recipes are yours to keep so make sure you download them!