Exfoliate Your Body With Coffee!

Using coffee granules as a way to exfoliate your body is an inexpensive, effective and natural way to get rid of dead skin cells, feed your skin and leave it silky smooth. It has also been suggested that due to the caffeine content found in coffee, using coffee as a body scrub can reduce the appearance of cellulite. How accurate this actually is can be debatable but coffee does contain a level of antioxidants which are beneficial for your skin and it does leave your skin incredibly fresh and soft. I have definitely noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin, let me know any changes you notice too!

Coffee scrubs have become a HUGE trend at the moment with companies selling their 'miraculous coffee scrubs' for over £20. Make yours for under £2.50 by only using ground coffee granules (not instant as it will just dissolve!) and a table spoon of coconut oil. Start at your feet and massage the scrub into your feet, legs, and all over your body up to your face. Keep on your skin for a few minutes then wash it off. Notice how youthful your skin feels after!