June 19, 2021


By admin
1. Support

When we have a support system and expert guidance, we are more likely to stick to new lifestyle principles and create healthy habits. Working with a health coach can help you to create sustainable changes for long lasting results and educate you on the tools you need to create optimum wellbeing.

2. Stress Management

Stress management strategies and techniques should be one of the key pillars within any health and wellbeing program. Reducing our stress levels is essential for us to achieve optimum wellness. The stress hormone cortisol has been shown to increase our blood sugar levels and cause blood sugar spikes which affects our physical health in so many ways. Implementing stress reducing techniques such as meditation, breath work, journaling and yoga can help to lower our cortisol levels and therefore improve our physical and mental health.

3. Nutrition

We want to create a foundation of health by eating balanced, satisfying meals. Incorporating the right amount of healthy fats, fibre, protein and vegetables is vital for balanced blood sugar, energy levels and optimum health.

4. Supplements

Supplements are a great addition to add into your routine to ensure any nutrient gaps are being filled up and that your nutrient/mineral levels are at optimum. Making sure you choose a brand that uses high quality ingredients that are absorbed by your body is key. We love the brand Feel.

5. Movement

Moving your body everyday is another pillar for optimum wellbeing. Finding what you enjoy is important and consistency is key. Exercise is an important component to a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle, so try add in 20 minutes at least each day!