September 21, 2021


By Holly Zoccolan

Are you feeling fatigued, suffering from mood swings, have irregular heart rhythms, digestive system issues and muscle weakness? It could be a thyroid imbalance.

Our thyroid affects our heart, our bones, metabolism and has an impact on each organ within our body. This means that even a subtle thyroid disturbance could have an impact on your whole body. 

If you feel that your thyroid may be imbalanced, it's important to get your levels checked. We recently got our thyroid checked with Hertility Health (not sponsored) and it was incredible to see where our hormones levels were at. As I had my son last year, I was really interested to see how all my hormone levels were, including my thyroid, and although I didn't suspect any imbalances as I had no symptoms, it was reassuring to see that all my hormones were in balance. Having this hormone tool available to us is absolutely amazing and I really do think it's important as women to get our hormone levels checked. 

It is understood that 1 in 8 women will experience thyroid imbalances throughout their lifetime and understanding how we can get our thyroid back in balance is really important. Factors which play a role in thyroid health are:

- High stress - our stress hormone, cortisol, can suppress the release of our thyroid stimulating hormone which means that our thyroid won't be triggered to produce the hormones. Managing our stress levels is really important for stable and balanced thyroid health

- Nutrient deficiencies can affect thyroid health, in particular selenium, iron, zinc, vitamin E and B vitamins and too much or too little iodine can lead to either high or low thyroid levels

- High levels of heavy metals and toxins in the body can affect thyroid levels

Common symptoms of thyroid imbalances are:

1. Fatigue - when we have low thyroid levels, this can mean that we feel more fatigued during the day and reduce our energy levels

2. Mood swings - If our thyroid is imbalanced, it can affect our mood and irritability leading to higher rates of depression

3. Muscle Weakness - as the thyroid affects our cell metabolism, it is understood that low thyroid can impact the way that our muscles are able to use glucose resulting in weaker muscles and lower energy levels throughout the body

4. Irregular heart rhythm - depending on if you have low or high thyroid levels, you may suffer from shortness of breath or an increased heart rate. A slow heart rate can lead to fatigue and a higher heart rate can lead to feelings of anxiety. 

If you feel that you are suffering with common symptoms of thyroid imbalance, getting your thyroid checked is really important and Hertility Health offer the most accurate thyroid test on the market, testing the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) , TS3 and TS4.