September 09, 2019

Sweat It Out

By admin
Sweat It Out
Infrared saunas have been in the press quite a lot recently, and with good reason. Traditional saunas are known for their health benefits and are used as a way of detoxing your body by literally enabling your body to sweat out your toxins. However, infrared saunas have even more benefits than the traditional saunas and I would highly recommend trying them out!

Benefits of infrared saunas are:

Muscle pain relief

Improving your immune system

Improving skin health and texture

Easing joint pain and stiffness

Reduced stress levels

Reduced fatigue

Reduced appearance of cellulite

Metabolism boost and assisting with weight loss

Infrared saunas penetrate your cells at a deeper level than traditional saunas which therefore mean the benefits are at a higher level. They use infrared lights and lamps to heat your body directly as opposed to an entirely heated room like traditional saunas.

Sweating is an amazing way of eliminating toxins from your body. Make sure you are well hydrated before using any kind of sauna for optimum results and to keep your body hydrated while you sweat it out inside the sauna!

I would definitely recommend giving an infrared sauna a try, if you have one accessible for you. Notice how you feel after each session and notice the improvement of your skin after a few sessions!