February 15, 2019

Self Care

By admin
Self Care
We are all so busy rushing about our day to day lives and being continuously stimulated that we barely stop to connect with our inner-selves. This means we miss vital internal signs and intuitive feelings which we should be tapping into.

When we are depleted both mentally and physically, we are less able to handle stress when it makes it's way to us. This is why it's important for us to take time out for ourselves and ensure we are feeling the best we can both emotionally and physically so we are able to tackle whatever life throws at us.

'Self Care' is a broad term but generally speaking it means doing something that is good for yourself. You may not feel stressed, but if you don't feel you are living at your optimum, it's more than likely an indication that you are running off stress and could do with a little self care!

Some benefits of Self Care include:

1. Higher Productivity - 'If it's not a definite yes, then it's a no' is a quote which I live by. I believe that time is the most precious thing we have and therefore I only want to spend it doing things that I actually want to do. Learning to say no has been one of the most powerful things that I have practiced because when you start saying 'no' it gives you control over your life and your time. It brings your goals and what you want into a clear focus and enables you to stop over-committing to things you aren't interested in doing, and are doing for the sake of others and not for yourself. Freeing up time this way enables you to gain higher productivity and a heightened awareness with working towards your goals.

2. Inner Peace and Security - By regularly giving yourself some self care and time to yourself, you are meeting your own needs and looking after yourself emotionally as well as physically. When you start taking time out for yourself, you give yourself the opportunity to check in with your body and notice how it feels and if there is any tension in a particular area. This gives a positive message to your subconscious that you do matter and are offering your body the care it deserves. This has been shown to reduce any insecurity you may have about your physical body.

3. More to Give – By being good to yourself and giving yourself some self care, you are enabling yourself to be more compassionate to others. Think of self care as ‘recharging your batteries’ and once you are full, you will be able to give yourself to others in the highest form in comparison to if you are feeling depleted and stressed. How can you give someone your love and care if you don't truly love and care for yourself..?

4. Resistance to Illness- Most self-care activities enable your body to go into rejuvenation; assisting with repairing your immune system, by activating your parasympathetic nervous system. Therefore if you start practicing more self-care, you will notice fewer cases of the flu, common cold and fatigue.

People generally avoid indulging in self-care as they see it as selfish and they just 'don’t have time.' However, many self-care activities don’t require much planning and can be done in as little as 5 minutes!

Some of my favourite ways to indulge in Self Care are:

5 Minute Meditation




Face Masks

Taking a walk by myself

Taking an Epsom Salt Bath

If you incorporate just 5 minutes of self-care into your routine, you will start to notice a difference in your mood, overall energy and how you feel about yourself!