September 13, 2018

MCT Oil : Does it really make your coffee 'bulletproof'...?

By admin
MCT Oil : Does it really make your coffee 'bulletproof'...?
Short answer: Yes!

MCTs are a unique form of saturated fat which contain a number of antimicrobial and antioxidant components which support the function of your immune system.

MCT’s are found in coconut oil, yet using MCT oil provides much higher benefits than just using coconut oil. The way that MCT’s are absorbed by our bodies means that rather than being stored as fat, they get absorbed by the liver and get burned for calories. You can use it as a salad dressing, in your smoothie, in coffee, as a marinade base, or by the tablespoon. MCTs are the easiest type of fatty acid that your body can burn for calories.

It has been demonstrated by extensive research that MCT’s can make you lose those extra 10-15lbs which you just can’t seem to shake. I appreciate that MCT’s are high in saturated fat, and as we have believed all our lives, eating fat will make us fat, and therefore you may be hesitant to use the oil in your daily life. However, the research would suggest that this isn’t quite the case. Saturated fats are entirely different, take for example the saturated fat in a cheese burger. It is going to be of a very different quality to the saturated fat in coconut oil and MCT’s!

I would definitely recommend giving MCT’s a shot, try adding a tablespoon into your morning coffee or add it to your salad dressings and see the difference in energy and if used consistently, notice those last lbs disappearing..!