March 12, 2021


By admin
Essential oils have been shown to provide stress reducing properties and relief from anxiety.

Anxiety is common and making a blend of essential oils to help naturally reduce levels of anxiety can be beneficial.

Here are some of my favourite essential oils to help reduce anxiety:

1. Lavender – possibly the most well-known essential oil for calming the body and mind, this essential oil has been shown to help improve sleep, irritability and nervousness. Adding lavender essential oil to a diffuser, or adding a few drops onto your pillow can bring a calming atmosphere into your space leaving you feel more relaxed and peaceful.

2. Ylang ylang – this is another popular essential oil used for reducing anxiety and stress levels. Ylang ylang helps with uplifting your mood, reduce nervousness and can also help with improving sleep. Diffusing ylang ylang throughout your home is the recommended way of using this essential oil.

3. Frankincense – this is a great essential oil for healing anxiety as it brings a calming, grounding energy. Adding a few drops onto your clothes to wear on you throughout the day or putting a few drops into a diffuser are ways to benefit from this powerful essential oil.

4. Chamomile – chamomile is calming and helps to reduce irritability, anxiety and worry. Chamomile essential oil can be added into a diffuser to relax your environment.

5. Rose – this essential oil is known for being a peaceful and settling oil, particularly for our emotions. Adding a few drops of rose essential oil into the bath or simply inhaling the oil has been shown to reduce anxiety and increase feelings of love.