July 26, 2021


By admin

Stress and other emotions have been shown to impair our digestion, meaning that when we eat when stressed, our body cannot completely process the food we are consuming. This can lead to constipation, IBS, and many other gut/digestive issues.

We need to make sure that when we eat we chew our food. Digestion begins in the mouth when we start chewing and secrete enzymes. If we eat when on the go and fast, this increases the amount of air that we swallow whilst eating which means our digestive systems have to work harder to break down the chunks of food!

We want to aim to chew each mouthful of food 20 times at least, so next time you are eating, put down your fork and really chew each mouthful. This will also help reduce any bloating you are suffering with! If you feel that you have unexplained symptoms such as bloating and weight gain and do tend to eat a diet high in processed foods and sugars, it could also be worth considering switching your diet up to eat foods that support your gut health, digestive health and help to repair your gut lining.

Foods and supplements to help repair our gut and digestive system:

- Healthy fats – avocado, coconut oil, nuts and seeds, extra virgin olive oil are all examples of healthy fats that help to promote nutrient absorption. Adding healthy fats into every meal is not only great for your gut lining, but will also help balance blood sugar levels too!

- Fermented foods have also been shown to improve gut health as they contain an array of probiotics which help to feed our good gut bacteria. Kimchi, miso, sauerkraut are all great examples of fermented foods!

- Add fruit into your breakfast- eating two servings of fruit each day is a great way to incorporate more vitamins and minerals into your diet and to help heal your gut. Eating fruit on an empty stomach in the morning is ideal so try adding some fresh berries or a green apple into your breakfast to reap the benefits!

- Good quality probiotic – this will help to feed the good gut bacteria. Work with your health professional to find the best one to suit you and always check for quality.

- L-Glutamine – this supplement has been shown to heal leaky gut due to it being an essential amino acid and having anti-inflammatory properties. L-Glutamine helps to protect your cell walls by providing a coating and helps to repair your gut lining. As always with supplements, always check with your health professional and make sure you are choosing the best quality.