May 04, 2019

Benefits of Miso Soup

By admin
Benefits of Miso Soup

Miso has been a staple ingredient in the Japanese diet for thousands of years. It is a paste which is made from fermented beans or grains such as rice mixed with koji; a bacteria, and salt. I know that drinking something which contains ‘bacteria’ may sound off putting, but the bacteria contained in Miso is actually the good stuff which helps balance out any bad bacteria we have built up in our body from pollutants, toxins and a processed diet.

Miso is packed with various health benefits and Miso Soup is commonly known as ‘probiotics in a bowl’ as it is fermented and filled with beneficial live probiotic cultures.

Some benefits of drinking miso soup include:

1. Boost of immunity

2. Regulating digestion

3. Decreasing inflammation

4. Reducing toxicity

5. Phytochemicals

6. Antioxidant content assisting with anti-ageing

7. Anti-Cancer Properties

My favourite Miso paste is from Clearspring and can be found here.