June 25, 2019

Balance Your Hormones Naturally

By admin
Balance Your Hormones Naturally
Hormones are essential for our overall wellbeing. When our hormones are in balance, our body is in balance.

What are hormones and what do they do?

Hormones come in different forms such as testosterone, estrogen, insulin and adrenaline. They are basically chemical messengers which send signals throughout out entire body to and they are produced by organs and glands such as ovaries, thyroid and pancreas. Our endocrine system works simultaneously to manage the level of hormones within our body and if there is even a slight imbalance within your hormones, it can lead to serious health problems.

Some signs of hormone imbalance are:

Irregular Periods

Unexplained weight gain or weight loss

Fatigue and Insomnia

Low Libido

Hair Loss

Digestive Issues

Depression and Anxiety

Generally, hormone imbalances are treated by conventional medicine such as birth control, synthetic hormone replacement, thyroid medication and insulin injections. It is great that we are able to treat hormone imbalances with medicine, however this usually masks symptoms which are our body's way of letting us know something is out of balance. This can lead to other imbalances within our body and cause the underlying issues to progress and could eventually turn into a major health concern.

The good news is that there are natural ways to balance your hormones.

Here are my top tips for balancing your hormones naturally.

1. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb which has been shown to be effective at balancing hormones. This herb is beneficial to the thyroid as it enables the body to rid itself of free radicals which can cause cellular damage. Ashwagandha can also be used to overcome adrenal fatigue which occurs when you experience too much stress; emotional, physical or mental, which results in an imbalance of hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.

2. Essential Oils

Clary Sage Oil - It has been shown that inhaling clary sage oil significantly decreases the levels of cortisol in our bodies. Clary sage is also able to balance out the level of estrogen produced in our bodies which is particularly important nowadays when a lot of serious health issues are linked with high levels of estrogen.

Sandalwood Oil - It has been shown that inhaling sandalwood oil is effective at balancing out testosterone levels in both men and women. It has also been shown that sandalwood is a natural aphrodisiac which is why it is present in a lot of men and women's fragrances.

Thyme Oil - It has been shown that thyme oil has the ability to improve progesterone production in both men and women. Low progesterone levels have been associated with PCOS, infertility, depression and a number of other imbalances within the body.

3. Address underlying emotional issues

Our internal emotions have a direct impact on the way our body functions and operates. Addressing emotional issues you are dealing with can help bring your hormones back in balance and help your stress levels which will improve your mood, sleep, relationships and general wellbeing. Personal reflection, meditation, yoga, journalling and starting to develop a morning routine where you incorporate time for yourself can assist with this.

4. Nutrition

Hormone imbalances can also be a result of poor nutrition and lifestyle choices. It is important that you become aware of what you are feeding your body with so that you are nourishing it in the best way possible.

And quite literally as Heather Morgan said, “Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it.”

If you feel like you are dealing with hormone imbalances and are relating to some of the symptoms listed above, get in touch holly@thehealthzoc.com and we can discuss how we can work together to get your hormones back in balance and get you feeling your best again!