November 26, 2018

Apple Cider Vinegar

By admin
Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is made by fermenting the sugar from apples which turns into acetic acid. During the fermentation, the ACV creates a bacterial foam known as ‘The Mother’ which contains the concentrated bacteria and enzymes which produce it's 'superpowers'. This magical tonic is said to promote weight loss, improve heart health, control blood sugar and insulin levels and strengthen your bones and teeth.


1. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels ; improves insulin resistance- It has been demonstrated that ACV improves insulin sensitivity during a high carb meal by upto 34% and significantly reduces blood sugar. A study was done which concluded that consuming ACV after eating 50g of white bread, resulted in a reduction of blood sugar by 34%!

2. Kills Bacteria – ACV has been used traditionally as a natural disinfectant and for wound cleaning. The main constituent in ACV, acetic acid, is able to kill harmful bacteria and prevent them from multiplying!

3. Reduces stomach fat and aids in weight loss- Several studies have concluded that ACV can aid in weight loss when added to a person’s lifestyle regime- even as little as 2tbsp per day!

4. Lowers cholesterol- There are a number of animal studies which have concluded that ACV reduces blood triglycerides, cholesterol and blood pressure. This could lead to a reduced risk of developing heart disease.

5. Uses within your skincare regime: ACV has been used as a toner and assist in acne recovery throughout decades. Due to the acidity of ACV, it can assist with balancing your skin’s pH which aids a better skin function, prevention of bacterial growth and exfoliate dead skin cells. It may also assist with acne by reducing oil and unblocking pores. I wouldn’t recommend this if you have sensitive skin; even though you do dilute the ACV in water before applying it directly to your skin.

Try adding 2 tbsp ACV into your daily routine and see if you notice and feel the difference.