Anti-inflammatory Foods

Amplify your weight loss and improve your health with these anti-inflammatory foods.

Inflammation is one of the root causes of most diseases which we regularly see today. Inflammation in a healthy body is the normal way that the body heals itself; if you cut yourself you will notice heat and swelling on the area as the body begins to heal the cut. However, chronic inflammation occurs inside the body and generally has little to no symptoms at first. This type of inflammation fuels illness such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

We are now becoming more aware of certain foods which assist with reducing chronic inflammation in our bodies and therefore improving our health, immune system and the way our body functions.

Diet plays a huge role in the reduction of inflammation within our body. In order to move towards an anti-inflammatory diet we first need to eliminate processed foods. By removing processed foods and moving towards whole, unrefined foods, we can begin the process of reducing inflammation. This includes foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and reducing your intake of chocolate, sweets and packaged foods which contain high levels of additives.

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